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UX designers’ main goal is to solve the end-users’ problems, and thus the ability to communicate the design to stakeholders and developers is critical to the ultimate success of the design. Regarding UX specification documents, these requirements depend on the client or the organization involved in designing a product. The four major deliverables are: a title page, an introduction to the feature, wireframes and a aversion history.

The following details the responsibilities a user experience designer may have at each phase of a project.

• Ethnographic research
• Surveying
• Customer feedback and testing
• Focus group administration
• Non-directed interview
• Contextual interview
• Mental modeling

The objects can range from websites, to software applications, to images et al. It is also concerned with metadata: terms used to describe and represent content objects such as documents, people, progress, and organizations.

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User experience design includes elements of interaction design, visual design, information architecture, user research, and other disciplines, and is concerned with all facts of the overall experience delivered to users. Following is a short analysis of its constituent parts. Graphic treatment of interface elements is often perceived as the visual design.

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Information architecture is the art and science of structuring and organizing the information in products and services to support usability and findability.

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Visual design, aslo commonly known as graphic design, user interface design, communication design, and visual communication, represents the aesthetics or look-and-feel of the front end of any user interface.

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